Changing Places, Borders, Memories

1st International Postgraduate Conference, ZRC SAZU and the University of Nova Gorica
Ljubljana, November 27–29, 2008

Prešernova dvorana SAZU, Novi trg 4


Conference Programme



Thursday, 27.11.2008


Registration (17.00-17.30)

Conference Opens


Panel 1 — Migrations and Borders (17.30–19.45)

  1. Erin Smith: “Remittances: An Indicator of the Transforming of Rural Albanian Family Power Hierarchies? Abroad and at Home”
  1. Urška Strle: “Illegal Crossings through the Prism of Oral Testimonies: the Case of Yugoslavian Western Border Region after the World War II”
  1. Yucel Karadas: “Orientalism and Embodiment of the ‘New Borders’ in the Balkans After Dissolution of Ottoman Empire”
  1. Martha Jiménez-Rosano and Giovanni Melillo: “Shaping your home in my mind.” Explanation of a photographic discourse in an anthropological research”

Coffee break (19.4520.15)


Evening programme

Film (20.15):

Katja Krajnc, Barbara Turk, Saša Starec in Urša Valič: Kamniti grafiti ali o težavah s Titom / Stone Graffiti or Troubles with Tito


Friday, 28.11.2008


Panel 2Discourses and Memories I, Chair: Michael John (9.00–11.00)

  1. Kirsti Joesalu: “Different Ways of Remembering the Soviet Past: the Example of Speeches of Estonian Presidents?”
  1. Wolfgang Reder: “Transformations of an Island? Austrian Memories in the Age of the European Integration”
  1. Ljiljana Radonić : “From revisionism to European standards? – The Croatian case”
  1. Vesna Merc: “Archaeology, Identity and Display: Metamorphosis of Heritage”

Coffee break (11.0011.30)


Panel 3 — Discourses and Memories II, Chair: Tanja Petrović (11.30–13.00)

  1. Chiara Bonfiglioli: “In 1978 We were in Europe”: The International Feminist Conference “Comrade Woman: The Woman’s Question – A New Approach?” as a Site of Cultural Memory Challenging Current Geographical Imaginations
  1. Martin Pogačar: “(New) Media, Memory and Remembering the Yugoslav Past”
  1. Jelena Vasilijević: “Making Sense and Identity: The Role of Memory in Media Representations of Serbo-Croatian Conflict”

Lunch break (13.00–15.00)


Guest lecture (15.00–16.00)

Stef Jansen: “After the Red Passport: Entrapment and the Visa Queue Outside ‘Borderless’ Europe”


Panel 4 — Monuments (16.30–18.00)

  1. Urša Valič and Špela Paternoster: “The Tower on Cerje: “Monument be the Lighthouse of Our National Consciousness and Defender of Our Ethnic Space’”
  1. Katja Škrlj: “Commemorating Caporetto / Forgetting Kobarid. Strategies of Commemoration in Fascist Italy”
  1. Saale Haale: “Visual Expansion or Visual Restitution at the Example of Estonian Monuments”


Evening programme (20.00)


Marieke Rodenburg: Just Follow

Maša Mikola in Urška Strle: Oko/Eye



Saturday, 29.11.2008


Panel 5 — Crossing Methodological Boundaries (9.00–10.30)

  1. Marieke Rodenburg: “Diversity in Journalism Practice and Filmmaking: Representation and Confrontation
  1. Steven Parham: “On Conducting an Anthropology of Frontiers in a Chinese-Central Asian Borderland”
  1. Rebeca Salois: “Welcome to Beijing: A Study in Crossing Theoretical Borders”

Coffee break (10.3011.00)


Guest Lecture (11.00–12.00)

Tanja Petrović: “Remembering Yugoslav People’s Army: Masculinity, Memory and Photography”


Panel 6 — Urban Spaces I (12.00–13.00)

  1. Francesco Mazzucchelli: “Memory on the Stocks. Urban Transformations and Auto-representation Strategies in the Cities of Ex-Yugoslavia. A Comparison between Belgrade, Sarajevo, Mostar and Dubrovnik”
  1. Armanda Kodra Hysa: “The Čaršijas of the Balkans – Spaces between History and Anthropology”

Lunch break (13.0015.00)


Panel 7 — Urban Spaces II (15.00–16.30)

  1. Diego Rogosa: “Imagining Urban Spaces: the Bologna’s Case of ‘Piazza Verdi’”
  1. Maša Mikola: Behind the Iron Fence: (Dis)placing Otherness, Initiating Silences
  1. Hanspeter Reihling: “Men on the Move: Sexual Politics in a Virally Divided City”

Coffee break (16.3017.00)


Panel 8 — Conference Close (17.0018.00)